Apopka, High School Senior Photographer, Shelby 2013

Gorgeous Shelby is graduating this year from Little Red Schoolhouse in Zellwood. Her parents are so sweet and very proud of her. She is the baby of the family and this big step into adulthood is always a very emotional time for any family. I was so happy to take meaningful photographs of her to remember this time in her life. There were so many beautiful shots it was hard to pick a few to show here!
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Christina and Andrew, Mission Inn Resort, Howey In The Hills Wedding

I am always deeply honored to be a part of all the weddings I photograph. However, Christina and Andrew’s wedding was extra special because I have known Christina for over three years. When I first moved my business into professional mode, she was one of the brave ones who let me take pictures of her for my new portfolio. Since I was a “stranger” offering a photo session for free, we met at a park for the photos. We have reflected on that time and laughed because she brought not one, but two friends along in case I was a weirdo! But in all seriousness, Christina and I have came a long way since then. I left my first career to become a full-time photographer, my marriage is more magical each day, and I now have an amazing eight-month old son. And as I write this, she has married the love of her life and today is actually the last day at her first serious job. Christina will be starting a new adventure at another company. This year has held so many defining moments for her and Andy. Life is always changing in the blink of an eye and taking her wedding photos was near and dear to me.

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Yang Family, Orlando Family Photographer, Mommy and Me, Daddy and Me

Celina and Danny are the wonderful parents of sweet Tristan. He loves to eat veggie straws (especially the yellow ones) and likes exploring nature more than looking at the camera. Hey, it’s a life stage! But I think our hard work paid off and we have a lot of precious images. They wanted to have new family portraits taken at sunset in a picturesque setting. We went to one of my favorite field locations on a surprisingly chilly May evening and took advantage of the beautiful weather.

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Surprise Engagement, Night Proposal, Disney Grand Floridian Grand Yacht 1

If you would like to contact me with any questions about this proposal or the yacht, please feel free to contact me using the Contact link in the top menu. I’d be happy to help. Thank you!

I received an email months ago from Saneel who revealed an amazing plan. He wanted to surprise his girlfriend with a marriage proposal on the Disney Grand 1 yacht after a memorable dinner at Victoria and Albert’s. I loved it! These were once in a lifetime moments all happening in one special night. This grand plan came to fruition on Monday night and what a roller coaster of emotions it was – for the both of us! I have to say that surprise proposals are the most nerve-racking situations. This was only my second surprise proposal shoot and honestly, I really felt the pressure. After arriving at the Grand Floridian, I went to the marina to introduce myself to the captains of the Grand 1, Edgar and Kris. I could not have asked for nicer, more amazing people to help make the plan a success. They truly love their jobs as much as I love my own. We were a great team if I do say so myself! Read on for the rest of the story and more photographs.

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