Portland Wedding Photographer, Cannon Beach Coastal Wedding, Juan and Kha-Mei

I have goosebumps right now from a photo I just looked at from Juan and Kha-Mei’s intimate beach wedding. There’s something about the love these two souls have for one another. These two made me cry during the ceremony just because of how they were looking at each other. These two allowed me to photograph one of the most joyful weddings I’ve ever been a part of.

Kha-Mei’s joyful spirit is calming and endearing, and Juan has such a strong yet kind presence that makes everyone feel at ease. They effortlessly radiate care and warmth for not only each other, but for absolutely everyone else in their lives. And that is why their wedding was a dream to capture. Kha-Mei was simply floating along the beach in her beautiful dress after the ceremony without a care in the world, while Juan adored her the entire way.

The bride and groom live in Portland but love the beauty of the Oregon coast, and that happens to be where Juan proposed to Kha-Mei! So they decided to have their morning wedding ceremony at Hug Point State Park at the exact place where he popped the question. Their breakfast reception was held at the Wayfarer Restaurant in Cannon Beach. Both locations were intimate, relaxed and perfectly reflected the couple.

The ceremony was held in the waterfall cove at Hug Point. The walk to the ceremony location was quite a distance and definitely created anxiousness for Juan! It really is unique to wait for your bride to appear from behind a gigantic mountain on the beach. I remember how there was a sprinkle of rain for a little while right before Kha-Mei appeared. Then the rain slowly began to dissipate – or perhaps we were all so mesmerized by the ceremony we just didn’t notice it any longer. Either way, it was so light it certainly didn’t matter one bit. And as Kha-Mei and Juan were closer to the end of the ceremony and their first kiss, their hearts were closer than ever. You could see their smiles get bigger and bigger. It was true bliss.







As a surprise to Juan, Kha-Mei had a secret dress on underneath her original wedding dress. Juan posed for a photo (and was doing an awesome job by the way!) while Kha-Mei’s best friend helped to quickly take her original dress off!


Portland Wedding Photographer, Luciano and Tracy, Intimate Secret Garden Wedding in Tigard

Luciano and Tracy were simply glowing from the moment I met with them both on the afternoon of their wedding day. They have been smitten with each other ever since they met in a laundromat in New York City. They started talking and Tracy mentioned she needed to install some Ikea furniture. Of course, Luciano came to the rescue and their story is really just beginning.


They decided to have a small wedding at Tracy’s childhood home in Tigard, which is right outside of Portland, Oregon. When I first went to the house to meet Tracy and her mom a week before the wedding, I was in awe at the beautiful grounds of the home. The beautiful backyard was like a secret garden and provided the perfect amount of magic and privacy for the ceremony. The home was also such a fitting setting for the dinner and reception for Luciano and Tracy, who are so relaxed and laid back as a couple. They didn’t want any fuss or fret, just a memorable evening at home, dancing the night away with the people who mean the most to them in the world. I was so glad to be a part of their day.

I loved the details of Tracy’s dress which was from Brides for a Cause here in Portland. She paired the delicate one-shoulder dress with a floral sash. I really haven’t seen anything like it before. The sash perfectly matched her shoes and vintage earrings. Her earrings were a shade of purple which actually blended in with her unique engagement ring from Uruguay where Luciano is from. What a beautiful amethyst ring! I know she was thrilled with every detail. And when I found out that she would rock a classic red lip, I was smitten with Tracy myself! She was gorgeous and when Luciano saw her during the first look, they just hugged each other for the longest time. I loved that moment, especially since Tracy had to sneak down to the first look spot underneath a white bed sheet so that everyone near the patio wouldn’t see her!

As a final note: Since Tracy is a theatre director, that made me interested in taking more moody, cinematic shots. I even made a video of their first dance which I am still working on. Thank you both for your inspiration and making what I do so enjoyable.











Hudson Turns Three, Portland Oregon Family Photographer, Southeast Westmoreland Park


In my family photography adventures in Portland so far, Hudson has to be one of the most photogenic kids I have ever, ever met. But the thing is, he goes about it so effortlessly. Hudson would be in his own world with a newly discovered pinecone and then swing his gaze over to me for a prize-winning smile every time. It was an amazing photo session spent with him and his parents that morning at the nature playground at Westmoreland Park in Southeast Portland. From the first time I went to that park with my sons only a few weeks ago, I was mesmerized by it and knew it would be an awesome place for Hudson to show off his new three-year old title! Continue reading Hudson Turns Three, Portland Oregon Family Photographer, Southeast Westmoreland Park

Portland Family Photographer, Crystal Springs Rhododendron Gardens, Southeast Portland

My first Portland family is here right before your eyes. I am so excited to announce that I have started finding my forever families in our new state of Oregon! Many of you know that it was difficult to think about starting over in a new place and how much I miss everyone in Florida. I wrote about that here on the Love Light Lens Facebook page. I couldn’t have asked for a better family to meet and take photos for the first time here. Danijela and Anto are a beautiful couple celebrating their twelve-year wedding anniversary this weekend. Their kiddos, Tony and Emma, are gorgeous little people with unique personalities and some of the most sparkling blue eyes I’ve ever seen. Continue reading Portland Family Photographer, Crystal Springs Rhododendron Gardens, Southeast Portland