Cooper’s Hawk, Waterford Lakes Grand Opening

A very elegant winery and restaurant has opened in Orlando by the name of Cooper’s Hawk. I recently learned of this establishment when I was asked to take photos for their VIP event and ribbon cutting ceremony this past weekend. If you want to learn more about Cooper’s Hawk, I invite you to check out this article by Taste Cook Sip for all of the details and mouthwatering photos of some of the food. Do not view this post if you are in need of lunch or dinner, or you may find yourself hopping in the car and going to Waterford Lakes Town Center to wine and dine! I didn’t get many food photos myself during the short time I was at the grand opening, it was all being happily nibbled up! I did manage to taste one flatbread and it did have amazing flavor! I am looking forward to going back to this extremely classy spot which has such a warm ambiance and the most knowledgable and personable servers.

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Courtney and Andrew

Meeting the Arrowood family for an engagement photo session with a bit of family portraits mixed in was so much fun. Grandma was able to take their precious daughter for ice cream while Courtney and Andrew had some alone time for gorgeous, and I really mean gorgeous, photos. Courtney knew the exact style of photos she wanted and I really think we got it right! Part of the session was more casual and fun, and the second half was just timeless and romantic. We found some really beautiful spots in downtown Windermere with ivy, vine covered walls and bamboo. Plus, the light in the afternoon is just so beautiful in Windermere, I don’t know what it is about that town! These images are now some of my favorites of all time. I hope to see you all very soon to capture more memories – your sweet family deserves that and more!


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Caitlin and Anthony

During their entire engagement session around Dinky Dock and Rollins College in Winter Park, Caitlin and Anthony were just glowing. Non-stop smiles, non-stop giggling and kisses. They were so much fun to photograph! We took pictures around every corner and every turn, they were up for anything! One of the best parts of the session was at Dinky Dock when two ducks were constantly following them around. They even ended up in a picture perfect moment, swimming behind Caitlin and Anthony as they were standing in the water holding each other. I told these two that they’ll need something duck themed for their wedding or for their home!


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