Goodman Family

Don’t you love cute little toddlers wearing Mickey Mouse costumes? Or how about if they’re dressed as a tiny and too-cute-for-words sailor? You’ll have to thank the wonderful Goodman family for providing every dose of cuteness you’ll see below. The group was here on vacation during the absolute best time of year here in Florida, at least to me. I love fall and we get a small sampling of autumn breezes that certainly make you feel like a leaf might be chasing after your heels. And sometimes, wouldn’t you know it, the leaves really are there. This family enjoyed their rest and relaxation in Florida and having a photo session was a wonderful way to bring all of the fun together in a lasting way. And as usual the Grand Floridian Resort really provided serene and beautiful settings for a collection of family memories. Thank you all and I hope to see you again for another session soon!


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Schrode Family

Here I’m sharing special photos of three cozy Schrode families who were together for some well deserved vacation time here in Orlando. We were hiding from the rain that day but Neal and Lindsey’s son James was definitely a barrel of sunshine throughout the entire session. He smiles, smiles, and smiles some more! He just couldn’t stop and it was pretty amazing. He’s also an expert at climbing trees so that was a lot of fun. An adventurous family, the Schrode crew also entertained my idea of safely taking a photo in the street. Grandma Schrode suggested an Abbey Road style photo which we did as well. I hope if you get together again that it’s very soon, and that I’m invited! You all were such a relaxed family and wonderful to take photos with. Hope you enjoy these photos and moments as much as I do. Safe travels!


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Angela and Mike

Angela and Mike are the sweetest and most fun couple! They were here in Orlando celebrating their four year anniversary and we met at Downtown Disney to take photos and take advantage of some autumn and Halloween scenery. That was very fitting since they both love Halloween. It’s actually Angela’s favorite holiday and they were married on Halloween as well! It was so great to see these two having fun during their photo session, smiling and giggling. Mike said he doesn’t giggle, but I say he does! And Angela is beautiful and her smile really brightened up Downtown Disney that day! I was so glad to meet them and capture lasting memories. After talking with them more and getting a feel for their personalities, I thought they would like a vintage tone on their photos so I gave their photos a warm and cozy film look while also providing them with the full color photos too. Angela and Mike, I hope to see you on another vacation soon!


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Hevin and Kyril

I was so excited when I received an email from Hevin a few months ago about her upcoming trip to the Disney World Contemporary Resort. Hevin is a wedding planner at Story Weddings and Events in the Sherwood Park and Edmonton area of Alberta, Canada. So we were bonding immediately through our conversations. I learned that she and her husband would be going on a special vacation to celebrate their anniversary and to also have a very sweet and intimate vow renewal. Being a photographer for a vow renewal is so special and I was honored to be a part of the moment! All of the details were beautiful, including the bouquet that Hevin made herself. Kyril wore a very handsome suit that paired perfectly with Hevin’s navy blue dress. And to start the day, Hevin had some well deserved pampering when her makeup was beautifully done by Catherine from Makeup by Cat. Hevin also made the morning complete with a small wedding cake by Ashley from Heavenly Sweet Creations. Having wedding cake for breakfast is probably one of the best things ever.

Truly, the best thing was the love between Hevin and Kyril. Throughout the entire session they were so very sweet with each other and really enjoyed their time together. And even though it started to rain that morning, we enjoyed every second of our photo session. Hevin and Kyril, I hope you enjoy these photos and the touching moments that were captured.


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