In A Dream, Thorncrown Chapel, Wedding Destination

Thorncrown Chapel in Eureka Springs, Arkansas is a place I randomly found once when I was looking at wedding photos on Instagram last year. I really was intrigued by the story of it and hope to see it one day in person. I used to dream that someone would find me and fly me out there to shoot their wedding. It’s truly a magical looking place and I have it on my bucket list at least for visiting one day! The area of Eureka Springs and nearby Bella Vista really look like magical places. And the more images I see popping up of this part of Arkansas, it really seems like The Ozarks could be The Oregon of the South.

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Big News – Love Light Lens Is Going To Ireland!

Aaaaah! Let’s begin with the history behind my upcoming trip in May. I had the pleasure of knowing Trisha and Rainer in Orlando. I photographed the memories of their first pregnancy and helped them capture the first week of sweet newborn Emily. At that time I remember being so blown away by how beautiful and natural their photos were. Back then I had just started photography full time (it was 2010) and I felt on top of the world when I received the canvas order of Emily sleeping peacefully on Trisha’s shoulder. I knew that craving the success of a breathtaking photo was life.

Later on I photographed Emily’s birthday portraits, and as an October baby, her costumes were the icing on the cake! During this time I met Jennifer, Trisha’s sister. Although the meetings were brief, I remember how close they were and just truly admired their relationship as sisters. (Feeling teary eyed writing this! It’s this photo below that does it.)


Fast forward three years and my family moves to Oregon before I can meet Rainer and Trisha’s new little boy. Jennifer moved away from Florida as well. But the whole family will be together again very soon because… Jennifer is getting married and the destination for their ceremony? Cliffs of Moher in Ireland! I am so honored that Jennifer and her fiance Chris thought of me to capture this moment in their lives. While I treasure each and every wedding I’m a part of, I am truly thankful to go on this adventure as their two families come together in a magical, beautiful place. I can’t wait for Chris and Jennifer to say I do!

Portland Family Photographer, Fallen Leaf Park

Technically this shoot was not in Portland as my title describes, but you know, Vancouver is so close. Wink! I met with one of my favorite families at Fallen Leaf Park and now I’m really smitten with that location. I hope to see the lake on a foggy morning one of these days. That park was off the beaten path and so very quiet. I look back at these pictures now and it doesn’t even seem real that we were actually there. It was a cold and windy morning at the end of December. It was so daring to have their little ones out, but Dawn and Brent are always up for a challenge – and so am I! We made it through. And little Graydon, pink nose and all, really did so well for his six month pictures. Big brother Hudson was so photogenic as usual. I took his pictures about a year ago when he turned three and he never disappoints with his glowing smiles! The Edwards family was one of the first families I was lucky enough to photograph in Portland (that first post with Hudson, before Graydon came along, is right over here). I am so glad they continue to choose me to tell the story of their lives! Continue reading Portland Family Photographer, Fallen Leaf Park

Portland Maternity Photographer, Dan and Amanda, Southeast Portland

I had such a wonderful time taking photos for Dan and Amanda. They are expecting their first little one, a sweet baby girl, in the quiet and peaceful month of March. The excited parents brought their first babies, dogs Bentley and Bailey, to the shoot to capture some moments with them before baby comes. We met at one of my favorite places, Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden. It was a little busy for an overcast, misty morning. We met many other dogs passing by and a photographer who was very adamant about taking her shot on the bridge first. I may need to find a more secret place to call one of my favorites. 🙂 Continue reading Portland Maternity Photographer, Dan and Amanda, Southeast Portland