Scott and Carrie Say I Do – Portland Oregon Wedding Photographer

These two are some of my favorite people. They were go with the flow, feel the love, relaxed like umbrellas in your drink. That means my job was easy! I loved being part of their wedding on a very cool November day near Oregon City. The sun came out that day and I remember how it was cloudy for the entire week, then we were all squinting from just how bright it was outside! But every little eye wrinkle was worth it. We had so much fun taking their photos outside of the church. Carrie’s friend Tia helped move branches, leaves and adjust Carrie’s veil and dress.

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Portland Oregon Family Photographer, The Reitz Family

Josh and Andrea are the parents of the most beautiful little girl named Madelyn. We had their photo session in southeast Portland at one of my favorite spots – Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden. I seem to be there a lot, either with my photography clients or my own family! I just love that location, and I love showing it to people in Portland who may have never been there before. It’s funny that you can live in the same city yet go to completely different parks and gardens on a regular basis. There are always surprises waiting to be found here!

Madelyn has the most gorgeous eyes. I still can’t get over it, and she was so awesome at looking at the camera during her nearly six-month old photo session. We were able to catch a moment in the week that did not have any rain for about one hour! As soon as our photo session was done, the rain started for the entire day. I am so glad we were able to get these photos done before the leaves dropped. And I hope I can complete photo sessions for a few other couples and families this weekend while the gorgeous colors of autumn are still here!

Portland Oregon Family Photographer, The Newman Family

Little Josephine loves to wear her frog boots and be adorable. I was lucky enough to capture that adorableness at this precious age. Her parents love her to the moon and this little lady feels the same way for them. The way she looks at mom and dad is just priceless! We all met at Mount Tabor City Park for a family session one cold morning. Unfortunately there weren’t many trees with fall color there at the time, but we made due with one red leafed sapling. Okay, it was an adult tree, but so skinny! We made it work! But really, we didn’t need any special scenery to capture the love between this beautiful little family.