Portland, Oregon Wedding Day Ultimate To Do Check List, Tips and Tricks

Portland, Oregon Wedding Day Ultimate Check List, Tips and Tricks:

How To Make Your Wedding Day A Piece of Cake

These are all tips from my personal experience with my own brides. True stories and true advice! Please let me know if you have any questions because I am happy to help! Note: This advice is not intended to scare you in any way, or make you change your plans. I just would like to offer my completely honest opinion on a few things since I have experienced so many weddings first-hand. If I can prevent any stress or problems, then I think my job as a wedding photographer is even more complete! I want your wedding day to flow as smoothly as possible – just as much as you do! First I will cover hair and makeup tips, then will go over ceremony and reception ideas. Lastly, I provide my own ultimate final wedding checklist. I have to say, this checklist is really geared toward the bride – sorry grooms! We ladies have some things that we need to discuss.

Hair Tips (Wedding Hair Advice)

Long Hair and Humidity

I think that wearing your hair down is best in the cooler months if you have very long hair. Hot summer weather can cause your hair to become stringy and separated against your shoulders and back which can be hard to keep under control for photographs. Editing can correct this of course, which is not always easy depending on the shot. I keep a lookout for your hair (and any wardrobe malfunctions) during portraits but I am mainly focusing on composing shots and your emotions. If your hair tends to be affected a lot by humidity, your best bet is to wear your hair in curls with a very good hairspray. These are all things you really must discuss thoroughly with your hair stylist. A good stylist will tell you what is best for your hair type, even if it means suggesting a style you may have not thought of yourself.

Up Do – It’s A Do!

This brings the next topic, up-do’s. Having your hair up is the absolute best way to make sure your hair looks exactly how you would like it to in your pictures. The best advice I can give for summer weddings: wear your hair in an up-do or bun to make sure you are picture perfect at all times. I love long hair, but if you are leaning toward a beautiful up do for the summer, it’s definitely my favorite way to go! Not only for pictures, they simply allow you to be comfortable.

Sky High

I think that just about everyone always looks so much more striking with their hair up and off of their face. Volume, volume, volume! It makes your facial structure much more noticeable and brings out the best in your features.


Keep Strays At Bay

If you have a side bang or any layers around your face, secure the hair properly. As the day goes on, stray pieces of hair will fall and end up in the wrong places. As the day goes on, hair can also stick to your forehead and that is not where we want it to be for elegant and timeless portraits. Be worry-free on your wedding day and have any hair around your face secured by bobby pins or other methods. Remember: any hair snafus which weren’t caught by me right away can be edited, but to have worry-free locks from the beginning is the best way to go.

Your Best Face Forward

Our wind will blow your hair around, along with the hair of your bridesmaids and family members. For photos outside, it can take longer to get the right shot if a few ladies are having trouble keeping their hair from blowing across their face. Long side bangs or any hair length above the shoulder are the biggest culprits. Communicate this with those who will be in your photographs. These are small moments of time, but hey, if things can be easier, why not?

Think About The Big Picture

It can be beautiful to have one delicate glimmer in your hair. So be sure to add a small hairpiece or have your hairstyle designed with your veil in mind.


For The Birds, Mind The Breeze

If you know your wedding day will be windy, avoid wearing a birdcage veil. These have a tendency to blow over your head and will look like a hat instead of a veil. This has happened to one of my brides. We got it off quickly but it was flying up during many of the photos during the meet-and-greet after the ceremony. If a birdcage veil is what you love most, wear it only for the ceremony, and then take it off after you have walked down the aisle. If the day is not windy though, you will not have to worry about your birdcage blowing over your head. This also can depend on how well the birdcage veil is made and secured to your hair. Considering a juliet cap (pictured below) is an alternate solution and will definitely stay on your head.



Makeup Tricks (For Beautiful Wedding Portraits)

I have been so lucky to work with amazing makeup artists. I haven’t really had any makeup problems to report! It really seems like hair is a bigger issue, to be honest. But for makeup, I can tell you a few simple things which make a real difference.

Smooth Moves

Make sure to use a good primer for your foundation. Having smooth skin is the best canvas to work with. It makes any photo retouching come out a lot better. I think foundation is the most important part of getting photo ready.

Luscious Lashes

False eyelashes, whether actual extensions or a pair of lashes, are a must. Full lashes really open your eyes and make them even more gorgeous.

Pout Perfect

If you weren’t blessed with full lips (like me, I have the smallest upper lip!) then a lipgloss with a plumper is must. For the ceremony you can have the beautiful lips and color created by your makeup artist, but later on there will be a lot of kissing involved during your portraits. It is a great idea to have some good lipgloss on hand to apply afterwards for the rest of the night so that your lips are always colorful, shiny and full.

Have Portland Oregon Hair Stylist and Makeup Artist Recommendation?

I certainly do! There are so many awesome makeup artists and hair stylists in Portland. It’s so hard for me to choose! But I do know the way I must choose – the company must provide hair and makeup at the same time. I feel that is the best way to do it, plain and simple! Although I admire so many talented makeup artists, some do not do hair. It’s important to have both and be sure you vibe with the team. So just like it’s great to do an engagement session with me to get comfortable with the camera before your wedding, it’s a perfect plan to do the same with your hair and makeup team.

Your Final Wedding Day Checklist

  • Make sure you eat breakfast and have snacks and refreshments ready during the early part of the day. As a plus, pretty food and drinks look great in getting ready photos!
  • Scissors, bobby pins, tape, stain remover, sewing kit, bottled water, pain reliever, hair gel, hair spray, lip gloss, dental floss, tissues and spray deodorant should all be in your room while getting ready
  • A pretty (and mostly full) bottle of your signature perfume, to be used in photographs too.
  • Portable speakers or any other way to play music in the rooms where bride and groom get ready. Helps you set a mood and prevents being nervous!
  • Pretty hanger for your dress, even additional hangers for the dresses of your bridesmaids.
  • Write a sweet note to each other to be delivered while you are both getting ready, you can even include a gift.
  • Foot petals for the inside of your shoes
  • Have a bottle of champagne to pop, or other drink, if desired for bride’s room (and groom’s room too!) when everyone is finally done with hair/makeup and clothes
  • Have props ready in their own tote bags for special photo ideas (chalkboards, umbrellas, parasols, sunglasses, signs, special robes with writing on the back or monograms, alternate shoes, colorful socks for groomsmen, hats, alternate veils, etc.)
  • Make sure I have a timeline of your wedding day from start to finish so I can make sure all photos are done on time and so I’ll know how much time I have to do them. You should also give copies of the timeline to your bridal party and family so they are familiar with all plans.