Angela and Mike

Angela and Mike are the sweetest and most fun couple! They were here in Orlando celebrating their four year anniversary and we met at Downtown Disney to take photos and take advantage of some autumn and Halloween scenery. That was very fitting since they both love Halloween. It’s actually Angela’s favorite holiday and they were married on Halloween as well! It was so great to see these two having fun during their photo session, smiling and giggling. Mike said he doesn’t giggle, but I say he does! And Angela is beautiful and her smile really brightened up Downtown Disney that day! I was so glad to meet them and capture lasting memories. After talking with them more and getting a feel for their personalities, I thought they would like a vintage tone on their photos so I gave their photos a warm and cozy film look while also providing them with the full color photos too. Angela and Mike, I hope to see you on another vacation soon!


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Mandy & David

First, can I just say that Mandy has the most magical and bewitching eyes ever? Gorgeous! I swear they were the colors of the blue-green springs where we met for photos. So I can’t wait to take more beautiful portraits at her upcoming wedding this October. And David (her soon-to-be husband) looks a lot like one of my favorite actors, Edward Norton. Or actually, Edward Norton looks like him. Because David is an amazing guy who is up for anything at a photoshoot, even swimming around in water that could possibly have an alligator lurking around. And David’s not even acting. Take that, Edward!


Mandy and David are truly like peanut butter and jelly, or peas and carrots. They laugh with each other so comfortably and look at each with the most genuine smiles, as if their eyes are doing the talking. It was a joy to photograph them and I think we had a lot of fun. And we captured beautiful memories for a lifetime.
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Orlando Engagement Photographer, Vanessa and Henry

Emily Bronte wrote, “Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same.” That quote defines Vanessa and Henry. From the first time I met Vanessa to talk about her wedding, I knew she was a kind and warm soul. So sweet and just so real. She spoke so highly of Henry and her eyes just glowed with happiness. They were set to be married in little over a month, but she still wanted to do an engagement session. So we scheduled it two weeks before the wedding. When I met Henry for the engagement photos, it was also very clear that he was also such a warm soul. I guess what I’m saying is, these two are soulful through and through. They have so much love for each other. I can’t wait for their wedding at the end of the month!

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Surprise Engagement, Night Proposal, Disney Grand Floridian Grand Yacht 1

If you would like to contact me with any questions about this proposal or the yacht, please feel free to contact me using the Contact link in the top menu. I’d be happy to help. Thank you!

I received an email months ago from Saneel who revealed an amazing plan. He wanted to surprise his girlfriend with a marriage proposal on the Disney Grand 1 yacht after a memorable dinner at Victoria and Albert’s. I loved it! These were once in a lifetime moments all happening in one special night. This grand plan came to fruition on Monday night and what a roller coaster of emotions it was – for the both of us! I have to say that surprise proposals are the most nerve-racking situations. This was only my second surprise proposal shoot and honestly, I really felt the pressure. After arriving at the Grand Floridian, I went to the marina to introduce myself to the captains of the Grand 1, Edgar and Kris. I could not have asked for nicer, more amazing people to help make the plan a success. They truly love their jobs as much as I love my own. We were a great team if I do say so myself! Read on for the rest of the story and more photographs.

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