celebration family photographer ~ chiocca family

This beautiful family was in town and needed memorable, cherishable and huggable family photos. I think we did it! Does this totally adorable smile give it away?

These cute kiddos were up for anything, even sitting in deep grass. Yes, they were getting leaves in their pants, but we survived. : )

This next photo is probably my second favorite, they are completely precious. I’ll let you know *the* favorite down below.

Oh, Celebration. Beautiful homes, beautiful lawns, beautiful trees covered in flowers (and sometimes fruit). Stand back, I’ve found a fruit tree!

Did I mention yet that hats were involved? Monster hats?!

Sit still little ones!

Okay here is my favorite. : ) I like to sneak in shots of mom and dad during family sessions. It’s always worth it – plus they deserve it.

Hope to see you soon – you guys were amazing!

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Kayla Selans

I have photographed so many wonderful weddings and captured touching memories for hundreds of amazing people over the years during my portrait sessions. Each new opportunity to document another life is an exciting moment for me to make something beautiful. Everyone deserves breathtaking photos to remember their most important and beloved journeys. If you have a moment, please check out my Facebook page at facebook.com/lovelightlens to see recent updates. You can also follow me on Twitter at twitter.com/kayla or if you have a Google page, find me here.

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