Rebecca and Taya / Apopka Family Photographer

One of the best feelings a photographer can have is the moment when you realize you truly know a family. You’ve had a few sessions with them over the years and don’t need the GPS anymore to find their home. And you see their little ones grow and admire how different they have become each time. In this case, the little ones are two beautiful sisters, Rebecca and Taya. Taya recently turned one and I did her newborn photos last year. Before that was the family maternity session, and before that was when Rebecca celebrated her first birthday. As everyone says, time flies!

That is why I feel so lucky to be able to catch glimpses of this family’s shining days. These photos show a variety of different ways I can edit photos to capture the emotion of every smile.

There are no small moments.


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Kayla Selans

I have photographed so many wonderful weddings and captured touching memories for hundreds of amazing people over the years during my portrait sessions. Each new opportunity to document another life is an exciting moment for me to make something beautiful. Everyone deserves breathtaking photos to remember their most important and beloved journeys. If you have a moment, please check out my Facebook page at to see recent updates. You can also follow me on Twitter at or if you have a Google page, find me here.

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