Surprise Engagement, Night Proposal, Disney Grand Floridian Grand Yacht 1

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I received an email months ago from Saneel who revealed an amazing plan. He wanted to surprise his girlfriend with a marriage proposal on the Disney Grand 1 yacht after a memorable dinner at Victoria and Albert’s. I loved it! These were once in a lifetime moments all happening in one special night. This grand plan came to fruition on Monday night and what a roller coaster of emotions it was – for the both of us! I have to say that surprise proposals are the most nerve-racking situations. This was only my second surprise proposal shoot and honestly, I really felt the pressure. After arriving at the Grand Floridian, I went to the marina to introduce myself to the captains of the Grand 1, Edgar and Kris. I could not have asked for nicer, more amazing people to help make the plan a success. They truly love their jobs as much as I love my own. We were a great team if I do say so myself! Read on for the rest of the story and more photographs.

While on the yacht I received a phone call from Saneel, who was of course calling from the bathroom of Victoria and Albert’s. The best part of the conversation had to have been when I simply said, “I’m on the boat.” Did I tell you yet that I just love this engagement?

My viewMy view

Saneel and his girlfriend Anandita arrived. I acted like I was just taking photos of fireworks that night and she really did not suspect anything. As they were sitting on the bottom deck, I went to the top deck and snapped pictures of the castle as the boat looped around the lake. She looked up and watched me a few times as I kept taking more pictures. I acted completely oblivious to the fact that they were sitting there. The feeling of pressure I had was disappearing fast and I was just enjoying myself really, waiting for the big moment!

However, then lightning came followed by rain. Then the fireworks were delayed, then they were delayed again… and then again.

Kris showing me the live radarKris showing me the live radar

Saneel and Anandita had to go inside the cabin of the yacht which was completely the opposite plan that Saneel and I had talked about. I was ready to take pictures of them in any way that I could. When Anandita went to the bathroom once, Saneel and I quickly discussed that he would propose to her out on the deck even if it was still raining. We were ready.

But the story takes another twist. The rain actually stopped – completely. This is really not a big surprise because Floridians are used to persnickety weather. Personally though, I was relieved and I am sure Saneel was as well. As the castle lights began to turn to pink, signaling that the fireworks would soon begin to dance across the sky, I began to take photos of the castle from behind Saneel and Anandita.

The rest of the magic was purely their own. Thank you so much for allowing me the opportunity to capture the moment.

I wish you both a blissful and full life of love and even more surprises.

Grand Floridian Engagement
Grand Floridian Engagement
Grand Floridian Engagement
Grand Floridian Engagement
Grand Floridian Engagement
Grand Floridian Engagement

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  1. Kyal

    This looks absolutely amazing. I am planning on doing the exact the same thing and was thinking about having a photographer. It would be great to gets some advice.

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    Lord Bacchus-brown

  2. Sunny

    Hi I would like to this within the next month. Can you provide me details on cost, what’s included and also if a photographer will be there as well?

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