Cooper’s Hawk, Waterford Lakes Grand Opening

A very elegant winery and restaurant has opened in Orlando by the name of Cooper’s Hawk. I recently learned of this establishment when I was asked to take photos for their VIP event and ribbon cutting ceremony this past weekend. If you want to learn more about Cooper’s Hawk, I invite you to check out this article by Taste Cook Sip for all of the details and mouthwatering photos of some of the food. Do not view this post if you are in need of lunch or dinner, or you may find yourself hopping in the car and going to Waterford Lakes Town Center to wine and dine! I didn’t get many food photos myself during the short time I was at the grand opening, it was all being happily nibbled up! I did manage to taste one flatbread and it did have amazing flavor! I am looking forward to going back to this extremely classy spot which has such a warm ambiance and the most knowledgable and personable servers.


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