Hudson Turns Three, Portland Oregon Family Photographer, Southeast Westmoreland Park


In my family photography adventures in Portland so far, Hudson has to be one of the most photogenic kids I have ever, ever met. But the thing is, he goes about it so effortlessly. Hudson would be in his own world with a newly discovered pinecone and then swing his gaze over to me for a prize-winning smile every time. It was an amazing photo session spent with him and his parents that morning at the nature playground at Westmoreland Park in Southeast Portland. From the first time I went to that park with my sons only a few weeks ago, I was mesmerized by it and knew it would be an awesome place for Hudson to show off his new three-year old title! He loved climbing on the logs and hiding under the gigantic trees. The park has the first nature playground built in Portland Oregon where most all of the playground is made from logs and rocks.

My son will also turn three this year so I understood all too well the importance of these portraits of Hudson, especially since his mom is expecting another baby boy in just over a month. When I was expecting our second little guy, I realized more than ever that our first son was truly growing up. Your heart really begins to soften as you struggle to tell yourself that you have to let him grow because he can’t be the baby anymore. But then you begin to see everything differently and really enjoy these “big boy” moments even more. Plus you certainly want to capture every detail of those moments! I was so glad to help Hudson’s parents remember these memories of him at this sweet age and all of his cute and unforgettable expressions.


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