Portland Family Front Porch Porchtraits, Portland, Beaverton Family Photographer

I am a lucky person to have such very special people in my life. One of these special people is our friend and realtor Lynne of Silver Key Real Estate. She is an amazing, sincere person with a natural gift for connecting to others. She introduced me to two more amazing friends and realtors, Claudia and Gaby, and we all get along so well! We ended up working together to do front porch porchtraits to give a positive and uplifting experience to wonderful people and families during this pandemic. I was still so deep into self-isolation and dealing with kids/school stuff, that I had not yet organized my own thoughts for doing porchtraits. Thank goodness I had these awesome ladies to kick me into gear! So without further ado, here are just a few of the special images I captured during the Silver Key Porchtrait sessions and my official announcement that I’m available to do these for you anytime.

I’m doing mini porchtrait sessions for $175 and you’ll receive 10-25 edited images to cherish. The session will last about 30 minutes and I wear a mask while maintaining distance during our time together. $50 of the $175 fee will be donated to Urban Gleaners in Portland who feed 4,000 people every week through school pantries, summer free farmers markets, and mobile markets at low-income housing communities.

We can enjoy summer together and capture memories – even if we are a little bored, a little confused, or a little scared. We can’t sit still while our memories float by. I can help you keep them charted like the stars they are. This is the time to get in front of the camera, whether you feel ready or not, pajamas or not, feeling hot or not. This is a time in our lives we will all get through together and remember forever.


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