Edwards Family, Vancouver, WA Family Photographer, Jane Weber Evergreen Arboretum

I have been lucky enough to photograph and get to know the Edwards family for years now. They are a sweet, go with the flow family, and we always have a lot to chat about since I have two little boys as well. Hudson and Graydon are such adorable, cool guys and best of all – the most loving brothers! I have to say, today’s photo session was probably the most special yet. The family and I have been to many places by now, including Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm and the Cedar Grist Mill. For their Autumn 2020 photo session I wanted to go to a new location. But where do you take the family who has already done it all? I found a new, special place – the Jane Weber Evergreen Arboretum. The photos online looked interesting and it seemed to be open to the public though the information about it was a little scarce. I sent a Facebook message to the organization and they replied to confirm it was definitely open to the public. (I love getting fast replies!) When I arrived there today before the Edwards family to check it out, at first I was confused because it seemed like someone’s current residence. I am still not sure if someone lives in the main house by the driveway, but we had a very peaceful and quiet morning at the property and hope we didn’t disturb anyone in any way.

The arboretum is a beautiful eight-acre property with some areas we probably didn’t quite see. But the parts we did find included beautiful bridges over the creek, waterfalls, stone benches, flowers and a vegetable garden. Of course, the biggest piece of history was the Stanger House, built in 1867, which we all had fun peeking around. My favorite part of the house was the white fence and we took a lot of photos featuring those uniquely spaced pickets from the past. It is clear that everyone who volunteers at the garden works very hard and I so admire every little nook, cranny, stone and gravel path we found! 

For their photos this year, all of the shots had my usual rich color versions. However, what you’ll only see here in this post are the bit faded, muted color versions of some of my favorite shots. They have an airy autumn tone, a bit like a crispy leaf twirling down to earth. I’m so glad I was able to catch another moment in time for the Edwards crew!


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