Sad News for Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden, The Weeping Willow Weeps

I was completely shocked to see the destruction at Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden last week when I visited with my oldest son. My whole family has enjoyed this park so much since we moved to Portland two years ago. It’s still one of my favorite places to be even though we have now visited so many beautiful places here. It’s just that special. Our plan is always the same when we plan to visit the garden. First we go to Berry Good Produce because they sell duck food and peanuts for the squirrels. Often we pick up local veggies too, or plants during the spring. Then we happily head off to the garden, a familiar place in every season. We know every turn, every nook, and don’t even mind the mean old geese following us around. There are good memories every time!

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Cooper’s Hawk, Waterford Lakes Grand Opening

A very elegant winery and restaurant has opened in Orlando by the name of Cooper’s Hawk. I recently learned of this establishment when I was asked to take photos for their VIP event and ribbon cutting ceremony this past weekend. If you want to learn more about Cooper’s Hawk, I invite you to check out this article by Taste Cook Sip for all of the details and mouthwatering photos of some of the food. Do not view this post if you are in need of lunch or dinner, or you may find yourself hopping in the car and going to Waterford Lakes Town Center to wine and dine! I didn’t get many food photos myself during the short time I was at the grand opening, it was all being happily nibbled up! I did manage to taste one flatbread and it did have amazing flavor! I am looking forward to going back to this extremely classy spot which has such a warm ambiance and the most knowledgable and personable servers.

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Eileen and Brent

After every photo session I do, I get a wave of energy afterwards which lasts for hours. Sometimes I might have started the session a little tired from the day but as soon as I get going, I am in my zone. The power of love (am I hearing an echo of Celine Dion in my ears) between two people makes me so happy to capture and it’s precisely why I love my job. The smiles and gazes between Brent and Eileen were amazing! They were here with family from all over the country to celebrate their recent wedding in September. We only had about thirty minutes to take family photos and another thirty minutes for portraits of just Eileen and Brent. We worked fast as the sun began to set over the beautiful grounds of the Ritz Carlton Grande Lakes, before the family’s dinner reservation. I am so pleased with our results and these are just a few family moments plus some magical pauses between Eileen and Brent that evening. I truly hope you both enjoy these images and your first year as a joyfully married couple!


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Florida Federation of Garden Clubs

Thanks to the lovely Maureen of Gourmet Catering Orlando, I am part of an amazing team of Orlando wedding professionals who happen to all be ladies. It has been refreshing to get together and flex our girl power! For the month of October, we are all part of a display at Florida Federation of Garden Clubs, a beautiful and affordable Orlando wedding venue here in Winter Park specifically. The lush landscaping of their property is beautiful for a complete wedding ceremony and reception.

There are a few photos below that I snapped to show a bit of our display. I look forward to working with couples who book at this beautiful garden club. And I hope to work with these ladies in many weddings! They are all wonderful and work so hard to make sure their clients have beautiful and memorable weddings. / Vicki at Peddles, Orlando Wedding Flowers / Chrisanne of Crystal Lake DJ Productions / Sharon at A Chair Affair / Christine Orlando Harpist / and Renee from A Lovely Ceremony, Orlando Wedding Officiant. I’ll be adding new photos of the venue later this month to this post.


Be sure to contact Dawn Murphy at Florida Federation of Garden Clubs if you have any questions about having your wedding at this beautiful space! She is amazing to work with, so personable and knowledgeable! Go ahead, do it now! : )

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