Mary and Melody

Mary and Melody are not only mother and daughter, they’re best friends who went on an amazing vacation here in Orlando. We took advantage of the beautiful grounds at their hotel, Waldorf Astoria of Orlando, and even took some fun shots in the hotel room. What wonderful memories these two will have when they are back in London to show their family and friends. Their shoot was extremely fun, very colorful and vibrant, and most of all: full of Walt Disney World Magic! I also have to give major kudos to Mary because she handled many outfit changes for herself and her daughter. Not to mention acting as her daughter’s personal assistant and stylist. It was a very busy few hours and the results were completely worth the preparation!


We started the shoot in the hotel room where I spotted this crown. I knew right away that Ariel was Melody’s favorite princess.


Mary and Melody had Minnie Mouse pajamas and headbands – too adorable! They jumped on the bed and even had a little pillow fight. These are just a few of the pictures from those moments!orlando-photographer-vacationorlando-family-photographerwaldorf-astoria-orlando

Before we left the room, I noticed the cutest tea bag. I just had to take a quick shot, highlighting the green leaf. I don’t think they even noticed I did it as we left the room! To me, this tea helped signify their relaxing and meaningful vacation.


 When we went outside, we were right on time for the magic light of the sunset. Melody also brought her princess gown for some enchanting portraits perfect for six-year old royalty.



princess-vacation-orlando orlando-family-waldorf-astoria




 After sunset, we still took many photos outside and inside the hotel as well to finish up the lovely shoot!






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