Parente Family

I was so glad to hear from Michelle a couple of weeks ago. She wanted to have fall and holiday themed family photos of herself, husband Renato and son Lucas. Even their pup Toby came along. We decided to take the photos in Winter Park and even though there happened to be a festival going on, we found our quiet spots and made some amazing and special images. There is just something about the late afternoon light in the Winter Park area that is pure magic. I added a little faded vintage tone to most of these photos to give even more character.


Lucas and my son Liam were actually born one day apart so it was really fun to photograph a little boy who reminded me so much of my own son. (I’ve actually photographed a few little ones lately who are all September babies!) Lucas was so adorable and mom Michelle really put together some cute outfits for him, including one with a hat and tie. I also brought along some wooden letters to spell out “one” since this is his first Christmas being one. He really had fun during the photo session and I hope to see him again soon! It’s so important to take photos at this age because they really do grow so quickly.

Parente Family, you are such a beautiful and kind family. I hope you enjoy these photos for years to come and that we get together again in the very near future. And Lucas, stay sweet and charming just as you are now!

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Eileen and Brent

After every photo session I do, I get a wave of energy afterwards which lasts for hours. Sometimes I might have started the session a little tired from the day but as soon as I get going, I am in my zone. The power of love (am I hearing an echo of Celine Dion in my ears) between two people makes me so happy to capture and it’s precisely why I love my job. The smiles and gazes between Brent and Eileen were amazing! They were here with family from all over the country to celebrate their recent wedding in September. We only had about thirty minutes to take family photos and another thirty minutes for portraits of just Eileen and Brent. We worked fast as the sun began to set over the beautiful grounds of the Ritz Carlton Grande Lakes, before the family’s dinner reservation. I am so pleased with our results and these are just a few family moments plus some magical pauses between Eileen and Brent that evening. I truly hope you both enjoy these images and your first year as a joyfully married couple!


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Goodman Family

Don’t you love cute little toddlers wearing Mickey Mouse costumes? Or how about if they’re dressed as a tiny and too-cute-for-words sailor? You’ll have to thank the wonderful Goodman family for providing every dose of cuteness you’ll see below. The group was here on vacation during the absolute best time of year here in Florida, at least to me. I love fall and we get a small sampling of autumn breezes that certainly make you feel like a leaf might be chasing after your heels. And sometimes, wouldn’t you know it, the leaves really are there. This family enjoyed their rest and relaxation in Florida and having a photo session was a wonderful way to bring all of the fun together in a lasting way. And as usual the Grand Floridian Resort really provided serene and beautiful settings for a collection of family memories. Thank you all and I hope to see you again for another session soon!


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Schrode Family

Here I’m sharing special photos of three cozy Schrode families who were together for some well deserved vacation time here in Orlando. We were hiding from the rain that day but Neal and Lindsey’s son James was definitely a barrel of sunshine throughout the entire session. He smiles, smiles, and smiles some more! He just couldn’t stop and it was pretty amazing. He’s also an expert at climbing trees so that was a lot of fun. An adventurous family, the Schrode crew also entertained my idea of safely taking a photo in the street. Grandma Schrode suggested an Abbey Road style photo which we did as well. I hope if you get together again that it’s very soon, and that I’m invited! You all were such a relaxed family and wonderful to take photos with. Hope you enjoy these photos and moments as much as I do. Safe travels!


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