Shalaina and Victor

On the day that Shalaina and Victor were married, her smile just radiated for the entire day and evening. And the way he looked at her was so warmhearted and full of love. I just adore these two and the way they bring joy to everyone around them. I expected nothing less than a blissful day of smiles ever since I first met this couple for their engagement session.

LLL_3880x[pullquote width=”300″ float=”left”]Their love is one to truly admire as they are so sweet and caring to one another. My favorite part of the day was their first dance. They were so relaxed as they laughed and whispered to each other.[/pullquote]

Speaking of smiles, Shalaina truly has one of the most amazing smiles of anyone on the planet. She also reminds me of a wildflower because her spirit is kind-hearted, so beautifully free and generous. I think we were very in tune with each other because she also happens to be a photographer! And Victor is so talented and such a true gentlemen. During the dance with his mother, he played a song which he produced and sang where he “proposed” with a gorgeous ring to his mom and asked her to be his mother forever. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house! And when Shalaina and Victor revealed surprise gifts to each other during their portraits, he gave Shalaina a personalized song to listen to and she gave him a special journal with letters to him. It was just perfection which you’ll see in all of the images below.

I loved the colors of purple, gray and orange throughout their wedding, and the decor and sweets at the reception. Everything just said “happy” from the banana pudding in oversized martini glasses to the popcorn boxes filled with treats at the candy buffet. Their wedding day will also be remembered for me as the time I became obsessed with Reese’s Fast Break candy bars. I probably ate twenty of those mini-sized bars during the course of the reception and funnily enough, just one piece of candy corn. Thank you for not only trusting me with this remarkable time in your lives, but for also letting an expecting mom near your candy buffet!

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