Soon Hui & Shu Xian

Soon Hui and Shu Xian were married just last Sunday and then jumped right into the long flight process from Singapore to Orlando for their honeymoon. I knew from talking with them through email for months that they were such a special couple, just full of happiness! They were also very brave to schedule their photo session so soon after they just got settled in Orlando. Before our afternooon session they were at Disney Animal Kingdom for an entire day!



[pullquote width=”300″ float=”left”]I was proud of their energy and spirit – that is for sure! Jet lag or being tired didn’t stop them from having fun! [/pullquote]We had the photo session at Disney Boardwalk. We were rained on a bit, but the rain didn’t last long and made a beautiful rainbow, and there was the amazing light that pours through the sky right after a Florida afternoon rain. Soon Hui and Shu Xian, I hope the rest of your trip is memorable, exciting and full of magic! Click “more” to see a few of my favorite images from the session and one shot with the rainbow before it disappeared.


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