Schrode Family

Here I’m sharing special photos of three cozy Schrode families who were together for some well deserved vacation time here in Orlando. We were hiding from the rain that day but Neal and Lindsey’s son James was definitely a barrel of sunshine throughout the entire session. He smiles, smiles, and smiles some more! He just couldn’t stop and it was pretty amazing. He’s also an expert at climbing trees so that was a lot of fun. An adventurous family, the Schrode crew also entertained my idea of safely taking a photo in the street. Grandma Schrode suggested an Abbey Road style photo which we did as well. I hope if you get together again that it’s very soon, and that I’m invited! You all were such a relaxed family and wonderful to take photos with. Hope you enjoy these photos and moments as much as I do. Safe travels!









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