Brittney and Justin, Portland Oregon Wedding Photographer, Newberg Wine Country Wedding

Just when I feel like I’ve met the most relaxed, made for each other, lovestruck couple, then I meet the next one! Brittney and Justin were so fun to work with and I loved every moment of their very intimate wedding ceremony right outside of Newberg, Oregon. Being a Portland wedding photographer allows me to shoot in the  most unexpected and beautiful locations around the area, many of them being private. Their venue was no exception being the home and farm that Justin grew up on. As I was driving down winding roads and going up hills, I was more and more intrigued by the unknown place I was going to. When I arrived, the view was completely stunning. I was in awe that this family can see this landscape surrounding them all of the time. What a beautiful and peaceful place to have a wedding! Brittney and Justin were at ease and ready to celebrate their union. I truly believe that Brittney felt so free and beautiful on this day and Justin was adoring her in that gorgeous dress every minute! Thank you both for allowing me to capture these memories. Your love is ever present everywhere. 🙂


Lynne, Open Door Real Estate, Portland Realtor Headshots, Modern Portraits

Lynne is a wonderful soul with one of the biggest smiles in all of Oregon. No kidding, and it’s no wonder she makes buying or selling a house so painless. Everyone loves Lynne! She is so easy to talk to and feels like a friend in the entire process.  I think the photos we captured during her portrait session perfectly captured her awesome spirit. I can’t wait to see her photos on for sale signs at Portland homes. If you or someone you know needs modern realtor headshots, get in touch with me! It only takes about 30 minutes to get about 50 images to pick from. These photos were taken at Peninsula Park! I love the scenery there – it’s one of my favorite parks in Portland.